The Object arranger.

As an artist as consider myself OCD. I’m actually not an OCD person but I feel I can get bother to some composition’s disorder or lack of symmetry. That may explain why I am not a real fan of the rule of third. Here is my favorite artist in term of neatness composition. It is so satisfying to look at his work. Adam Hillmanis the Object Arranger


Cubism on suit

Suzuki’s geometric designs were initially inspired by a 19th century patchwork he saw in a tailor’s shop. Since then, he has applied his own traditional fashion training and artistic drive to create his impossibly structured suits and jackets.
The garments are not only rooted in the traditional methods of tailoring; they incorporate elements of structural engineering and geometric design as well.

Using his knowledge of traditional hand-tailoring methods, Suzuki molds his design around living forms, calling the process “bio-geometric tailoring.” The innovative garments are a little bit architecture, a little bit mathematics, and a whole lot of unusual fashion.

Kuroko by Carl Krull

Carl Krull is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen, his practice primarily centers around drawing, various kinds of animation techniques and videos. Kuroko are stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre, who dress all in black. In kabuki, the kurokoserve many of the same purposes as running crew. Here Krull’s amazing video on Kuroko.

What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored

The Librairie Mollat in France is attracting quite a lot of attention to their Instagram page after employees started noticing how closely their store’s books resembled their customers and themselves.

Their cheeky photos show how book covers fit unusually well into the frames of everyday life, especially when they mirror the people holding them. It’s a classic example of clever French wit, and Mollat’s 21.2k followers are hooked on it. Mollat was the first independent bookstore in France, opening its doors in 1896 in Bordeaux, a legacy its current employees are only helping to bolster.